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Hi and Welcome to my Website
Yee Har its up and running
Here you may find some very funny Anti Stick Figure Family
Decals for your car and some other ones to your liking
I apoligize as we are just starting off and building
so come back in a short while as I will keep at it
most of these are my own and I mean I made them.
If you like BUY BUY BUY (gotta pay the rent)
At the moment I haven't setup all my decals or payment plan
or email still trying to work out this webpage and how to set it up
any inquiries email stickarz@gmail.com 
be patient as I'm working on this
Most of my Funny Stick Figure decals are only AUD $10.00 plus $1.80 postage
to Australia post code sizes are  approx 260mm wide x 120/140mm high.
other countries postage is AUD $2.80
Other colors are available but default ship is white (stands out on a rear or side glass)
I do have a lot more but I am still cataloging and taking pictures of them
I will also start doing Boat Rego stickers Personal stickers
Contact to be made for the details
Just remember that anything bigger than a A4 envelope has to go in a tube
and hence the postage WILL be more expensive
I have 100% feedback on ebay and one customer that may of had a bad day.
(I think its time to go)
 Everyone else had no problems as I give good instructions
and a link to my video on photobucket
As I said before be patient still going with this webpage
Thank you Very much
Mark and Julie